Notes on Everyday Prostitution

I recently concluded a consulting gig with a fast-growing global start-up. The kind that holds big conventions and press conferences and the like and claims to be doing big disruptive things to change the world. It was the kind of gig that I felt justified a 75% reduction in my usual rates. Suddenly my LinkedIn was lit and in a city as small but as bustling as Accra, people started noticing me as someone to watch. So I smiled and took the 75% reduction in my rates, filling the financial and emotional voids with accolatory viles of likes and connection requests and ‘OMG so cool you’re working with X’. I allowed myself to be taken in by the association with a job, a position – the manifestation of which was in direct conflict with why I have been slowly driven to consult on an independent basis to begin with.  Continue reading “Notes on Everyday Prostitution”