Notes on Peak Milk

Peak is a brand of powdered and evaporated milk products, sold in Ghana and other neighboring West African countries. Since the 90s, Peak has used the slogan “It’s in You”.


It’s in You. The milk is in you. I think the intention is to allude to one’s inner beauty, which drinking milk brings out, according to ad experts. Even as a child I didn’t get it. Imagine my surprise to have seen the same slogan being used on an advert this afternoon, plastered boldly on the side of a truck I pray hasn’t been upgraded since 1995. Because it’s bad enough that someone was paid for coming up with the slogan “Peak: It’s in You”, but to have it live on is a legacy the likes of which can only survive in an environment that is already well-accustomed to the reek of mediocrity. 

But no, this is a real thing. Peak: It’s in You has been immortalized in songs by Yemi Alade and on Peak’s Twitter bio. Peak: It’s in You, as opposed to any of the below equally strange and unfounded slogan suggestions popping off the top of my head:

Peak: Drink to the top

Peak: It’s in your cup of tea

Peak: Top choice for tea

Peak: Check you out with your firm bones

Peak: Just add water

Peak: Pros in the fight against Osteoporosis

Peak: You’ve probably passed it, but hey!


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