Notes on An American Immigrant

I still have chills from a long conversation I had last week with a US-based Ghanaian Trump supporter (they exist). His argument in support basically went like this:
USA is losing global power.
USA must have global power.
Ammunitions are the lifeblood of the US economy
Hence, US needs a President who is willing to go to war.

Some background: This is a well-educated and from all appearances, highly successful individual. I know him through his work helping disadvantaged rural communities in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo, so there is obviously some part of him that gives a crap about humanity. But he sat there, chewing fish kebabs with his mouth open, and spewed out the most incredulous logic even Becky from Ohio who has never felt the need to get a passport would think twice about sharing.

His words made me sad. The conviction with which he said them made me angry. The fact that I was speaking to him in line with future collaborations for our NGOs made me smile and nod. The world is a truly terrifying place when you can’t predict where the crazies will pop up anymore.

It was also the first time I actually felt a sense of detachment from the drama of the US election. A wholly justifiable sense of ‘What do I care? I’m African’. It’s not like Americans are in any way concerned about their impact on the dynamics of global politics, except for when it comes to being at the helm of it. What?! Who are these people?

So maybe Trump should win and, with the implementation of his isolationist policies, precipitate a downfall akin to a highschool quarterback that loses his state college sports scholarship after a drunk driving incident and ends up working odd jobs and getting fat. It’s a deserving end that many a Trump supporter will identify with.


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