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I can’t believe I’m about to say this but, I think should be shut down.


I want to like it, I really do. I want the chaotic mess that is Donald Trump to stop. And a part of me wants to promote anything that throws fuel on the fire of hatred that has erupted in the world towards Trump’s largely bigoted and hate-filled campaign. But I can’t.

To do so, would be to be like him: to at best sideline and at worst bully and incite hate towards people who share different views from me. While the link is (like what I imagine to be the entire Trump campaign) for comedic purposes, it is being dangerously touted by several media outlets as a way to seek out and delete Facebook friends who are fans of the Republican candidate. While objectively milder than Trump’s calls for closure of US borders to Muslims, to use as a method of sifting and removing Trump followers from your page or from your life, is to essentially follow the playbook of the man many are calling a modern day Hitler himself.

Interestingly enough, it’s when one takes a closer look at who is behind, that things start to get even more interesting. The owners of the domain, are based in Panama and have allegedly been linked to a series of potential scams from share fraud to Maybe they’re just cyber-age Robin Hoods? Like I said, I want to like them. I just wouldn’t give them any of my personal info. Luckily,, only instantly redirects and uses Facebook’s “friends who like x” feature.



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